Hello blogging World!

My name is Jenni. I am a wife to the best guy ever & the mother of two beautiful girls! Together with my husband we are lucky to have a beautiful life with amazing family who always have our backs. I am somebody that I’d consider to be fortunate & for that I am very grateful.

Did you know that fortunate people also have struggles? Did you know that sometimes the people who you’d never guess have any problems or “things” actually do?

I grew up assuming that if somebody looked or seemed good from the outside then hakuna matata. But overtime I’ve learned that it’s not always that simple. I’ve also learned that it’s actually ok if everything isn’t as perfect as it seems because it means we are living through something that is intended to make us stronger.

So do you want me to get on with it? Do you want to know my “thing?” Probably not, but I’m going to share them anyways. I’m hoping that by sharing mine I might be able to help others with their own, especially if you are somebody affected by adoption.

Here it is…I was adopted at birth and I was both grateful & conflicted about that my entire life. I unconditionally love my parents & are so thankful for them and for my great life, and all the while I always had a deep desire to know my birth mom and biological family too. Thanks to Ancestry DNA that was finally made possible last year. That process was pretty tough but also pretty worth it.

{ Hugging my birth mom for the first time in 28 yrs. }

Once I shared my reunion on my personal Instagram account I was flooded with questions from many people with questions all across the board. I was surprised to receive such a response and I couldn’t help but feel like it was time for me to share my whole story.

I’ve always felt like I have a lot to say about being adopted but I was never quite sure where to express it and that’s why I decided to start this blog, so that I could finally channel it into one place. I hope it will be beneficial for other people to read about them. Especially if you are part of this big beautiful and also pretty complicated ride called ADOPTION.

Not only will I be sharing my story but I truly hope that this blog will turn into a place that others will share their stories too. Adoption is tricky to discuss because every journey is so different, every emotion is so real and there are so many ways someone can offend somebody else by talking about it.

I hope to make that discussion easier by being vulnerable & sharing some pretty raw feelings and experiences I’ve had thus far in my life.

If you are:

  • a birth mom or biological family member
  • adoptive parents or family member
  • an adoptee
  • person or couple hoping to adopt

Please click on CONTACT to share your story with me, I would love to share it! Being able to share stories, experiences, reunions, challenges & triumphs, whether it be anonymous or not could help other people navigate their own adoption journey or help people who want to know more about adoption.

To read more about my adopted ride click MY RIDE for more info.

Thanks for reading… let the ride begin…

Love, Jenni

Note that all things written are personal opinion and based off of own experience.