Parentals – Part 1

I’m excited to share my reunion story and the process of finding my birth family with you all soon. But before I do that I’d like to share all of my story and technically my story began before I was even a fart in the wind.

Before there was a me, there were two other significant stories – my parents story & my birth mom’s story. Without all of them I would never be here so I’d like to do a little rewinding back to the beginning of it all and it all began with my parents, or because two people fell in love if you wanna get super cheesy with it.

I’m glad that they are willing to share their experiences and what they went through. I’ve never dealt with struggling to get pregnant and I can’t imagine the hardships that come with it. So I won’t even try to act like I know anything about it. But without their struggle I’d never have ended up with them and I sure am thankful I was able to.

I will be splitting this up into a few parts to share without overwhelming you with too much reading. Here is where it all started… The reason they chose adoption as told by my mom aka Flo Glo.

The Parentals
[ My brother & I have called them the Parentals forever ]

When Dale and I had been married some 4 years, we decided it was time to start a family. I got pregnant within two months, only to end up in emergency surgery with an ectopic pregnancy.  After a six month recovery period I again got pregnant, and once again ended up in surgery with another ectopic pregnancy.  The doctor told me that if we tried again, he was 99% sure that we would end up in surgery again.  Between ectopic pregnancies and endometriosis, we knew that our chances of having a baby on our own were slim to none. 

At this time we were living in a college student ward which made life very difficult on us.  It seemed like every week another friend or neighbor was welcoming a baby into their home.

We prayed for answers and were determined that we should start considering adoption as a means to starting our family.  I have two adopted cousins and Dale has three adopted cousins whom we have always loved, so we knew that there was no question that we could bond and love a baby through adoption. 

I had a friend that told me that a friend of hers adopted a child from LDS Social Services.  Upon hearing this I knew that this was an answer to my prayers.

We started meeting with LDS Social Services.  They required that a couple be married at least 5 years which was encouraging as we were just coming up on our 5th anniversary.  We started meeting with LDS Social Services, completed a lot of paperwork, autobiographies and had home visits from the agency. 

After completing all that was required to be eligible to adopt, the hard part began – a one year waiting period before our files would be released to regional agencies for review by potential individuals looking to place a baby for adoption.  For this reason we only told family and a few close friends that we were hoping to adopt a baby.

-The Parentals

Part 2 coming soon…

Love, Jenni

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