My Ride

Here is a short summary of my Adopted Ride…

I was born in November of 1990 & two days later I was adopted. I was placed with amazing parents who wanted me more than anything. I’ve had a great life, one that many would covet.

Yet I still battled a personal struggle, one that I purposely hid so that nobody would think I was any different.

Because being adopted makes you feel different enough!

Last year after years of searching I was reunited with my birth mom thanks to Ancestry DNA, the support of my family and the help of some new found family members who I also call my search angels. It was not an easy journey to get to that point but it was definitely worth the wait.

Growing up I always assumed once I found her and got answers to all my questions that this adopted ride I grew up on would be over. But I was wrong. I am still on it, it’s just a different ride now.

I know I won’t ever be off of this ride, which is okay with me. It’s my normal and it’s made me who I am and it will forever impact who I will be. I’m simply grateful I’ve even had a ride at all.

I’ve always felt like I have a lot to say about being adopted. But I was never quite sure where to express it. That is why I started this blog. This past year has taught me valuable lessons that I hope will be beneficial for other people to hear about. Especially if you’re going to search for your biological family.

I’ve also learned that adoption is such a tricky subject to discuss. But I am ready to have the discussion and I hope that by doing so we may all be able to understand adoption in it’s entirety a little better.

To get the full story of the good, the bad, & everything in between, you’re simply going to have to follow along as I share my story with the rest of you.

I hope that it may shed some light and help others who are also on this crazy ride called

A D O P T I O N.

LOVE, Jenni