Family Search

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Well, I’m here to tell you that I felt the same way, but it doesn’t have to be.

Read on to see how.

Wanting to find your biological family is easy. Wanting to know all of your answers is easy. Finding all of the above – is not!

I was that kid who searched thousands of adoption “Looking For” pages on my laptop at night or in school. I used every form of social media I could hoping I’d ever stumble upon them. I wrote my adoption agency when I was of age to find out more info. And I also cried many tears thinking it would never happen.

Then one day my husband and I learned about and their DNA kits. Spitting in the tube and sending it in is easy. Knowing what to do with your results once you get them back – is not.

Do yourself a favor & learn from my struggles. My searching was hard but I found and had help and so can you. The amazing people who helped me search & find are now helping others. They have an incredible FREE STARTER GUIDE & ASSISTANCE to help make your process easier than mine was. We learned from our mistakes & challenges about what can make it easier for you.

Don’t get stuck because your confused!

We want you to find your family too!!

See my blog post about how I found these awesome people on this post…

Or simply follow the steps below I PROMISE you won’t regret it.

Step 1:

Click on the button above & download the Free Starter Guide.

Step 2:

Visit to order a DNA KIT. Do it & send it in

But most importantly DON’T GIVE UP!