Before I get too deep..

Before I get too deep into posting I’d like to make a few things known…

First: I LOVE my parents. When I say parents I mean my adoptive parents because they are and always will be my parents. They are mom+dad period. Nothing I say to express the difficulties of being adopted on the blog will ever change that. They’ve given me everything and I am forever grateful for them.

Second: I have definitely struggled throughout life being an Adoptee. I am used to it by now obviously, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult things I’m continually working through on a daily basis. My husband is the only one that’s ever heard all of my struggles, so opening up and sharing is incredibly nerve wracking.

Third: I LOVE my birth mom & my biological family that I’ve had the honor of meeting over this past year. I will never fully know the pain and sacrifices she’s made throughout her life by selflessly placing me for adoption. The amount of gratitude I have for her simply can’t be matched.

Lastly: I am fully aware that by opening up and sharing what I intend to share, may offend or rub people the wrong way at times. My apologies in advance if you ever feel that way after something you read here. But I won’t apologize for being honest. What I post is my own truth, take it or leave it.

I still can’t believe I’m doing this. But the response so far has been awesome. Thanks for the love and being here at

Love, Jenni

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