Babies and Breaks

A few truths about being a personal blogger. It turns out that I love to post and share. I love the healing that takes place as I do so, I love learning more about myself as I type and I love connecting with and relating to others while I do it. But I’ve also learned that as great as those things are, every now and again you’ve gotta take a break. A break from the noise and emotional toll that comes from telling your truth. So back in 2020 I definitely had to take a break for a few reasons:

A: I had a baby!!

B: Sometimes a break from social media is just good for you.

But I’m still here guys and if you are too, then thanks for being here!

I am so grateful for the safe arrival and good health of this insanely sweet, delicious & chubby baby boy, but MAN it was a difficult pregnancy and one that I had to treat delicately because placenta tears are not to be messed with. In doing so it was important for me both emotionally and physically to give my strength to my baby and myself in order to stay healthy for the two of us and for the rest of my family.

To do so meant taking a little step back from this account.

Don’t get me wrong this space has become an online journal for myself that I truly love and to finally have a space where I can write and express these things that I’ve always kept inside has been so healthy for me. But it’s not always easy to write about my experience as an adoptee. I’m happy once I share but the process of writing does require some digging into some very locked down parts of myself and more often than not, that is emotionally exhausting to pull from.

I love being a part of this social media adoption community. I love sharing my thoughts and reading yours. I learn so much from others experiences on here. There is such a comfort in feeling less alone through these experiences when you can read and relate to others shared stories. In the same breath, at times it can be very tiring to read others opinions on some things.

Know what I mean?

Navigating a reunion can be difficult enough without all of the noise from what other people are sharing about their own. When I began doing more comparing than learning here I knew I needed some space from it. It was important for me to step away for a minute and truly be present with myself and with my emotions of this journey.

I think it’s super important to lean in and learn from others as much as possible.

I also find it to be just as important to lean into your own journey without anyone else’s thoughts clouding your experience and I bet many of you can relate.

With all of that said, I am always happy to continue being here and posting and I appreciate those of you that are still here to listen and share.

LOVE, Jenni

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