An Important Role

Am I here on purpose or by accident?

Feeling like someone’s greatest mistake & someone’s greatest blessing is partly what has always made Mothers Day heavy for myself.

To feel that burden, that pressure and that separation all together is a heavy load. I cared so much about the answer to the question above that it ultimately determined what I believed my worth to be.

But then when the man upstairs entrusted 3 little souls to me it helped me realize that the answer to my question is irrelevant.

Because I was meant to be a mother to these three beautiful kids regardless of how I got to this point.

Not only is that enough for me, it’s everything to me.

Was I an accident? Maybe.

Do I still have a purpose? Definitely.

Do I still wonder about the answer to that first question? Sure I do.

Is Mother’s Day complex and twisted for me? Yes and it always will be.

But I’ve got an important role of being who they deserve.

So bittersweet and all.. today I’ll be over here, grateful to be kissin’ cheeks and taking names.

Mother’s Day….
It’s heavy.
It’s beautiful.
It’s gratitude & it’s painful.
It’s ALL of the things for me.

Sending love to all of you – wherever on the Mother’s Day spectrum you might be.

LOVE, Jenni

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