Adoptee FAQ’s

Generally when somebody learns that you are adopted their questions of curiosity quickly follow. This is a normal part of the adoption world and a part that I got used to pretty quick as a young kid.

Throughout life the questions will change or mature. As a girl in elementary school I remember the question frequently asked was “It’s so weird that your adopted, is it weird to be adopted?” Junior high brought in the superficial questions like “Do you think you look like your birth mom/dad?” High school brought the deeper questions like “Do you wanna meet your birth parents? What’s hard about being adopted? Do you think your birth mom thinks about you?” Post high school brings a lot of futuristic questions such as “What will you do when you meet them? How are you going to find them? Will you ever adopt?” The list goes on and on and each age brings it’s own new questions to figure out for yourself & for others.

Some questions are easier to answer than others and some will rub you the wrong way more than others. But most questions come from a place of genuine wonder and usually aren’t meant to offend.

As Socrates once said “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

How can those who aren’t a part of the Adopted Triad learn to understand it unless we are open about it? The only way they can learn is if we are willing to speak and answer their questions.

So I’ve decided that is something I will start doing. I will start answering the frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked all of my life. Some of these questions will be easy to answer and some will be hard. But I hope that by answering these questions that it might help the people who wonder be able to understand adoption better.

First question:

Answer: A day or 2 old. (Birth mom & Adoptive Parents have said both) But it doesn’t really matter. The point is, it’s all I’ve ever known and for that I feel lucky. I know that for many it isn’t nearly that quick.

In case you were wondering… that question was an easy one.

Many more to come… stay tuned

Love, Jenni

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