This is a blog for anybody that has been directly affected by Adoption or is simply curious about it.

A place with real stories & experiences from the people who’ve lived them.

My name is Jenni. I am the creator of this site. I was adopted at birth in 1990 and last year (2018) I was finally able to find my birth mom using Ancestry.com.

I spent years searching for my birth mom and always hoped I’d come across a blog with personal experiences that I could relate to in some way but I could never quite find what I was looking for. That’s when I knew I wanted to start my own place in the blogging world. A place for everyone involved in adoption.

When thinking of a name for this place I couldn’t help but think about what an emotional roller coaster it has been being an adopted child and what a ride it is for all adoptees, adoptive families, birth mom’s, and their families.


was born.

In the logo you can see 3 roller coaster carts. 

Those 3 carts represent the 3 sides of adoption:  the biological family, the adoptee & the adoptive family.

If you fall under any of those categories or are simply curious about adoption then this place is for you!

My greatest hope is that this place, is the place you were looking for. For help, experience, inspiration, assistance, motivation and a voice.

The ride may be different for each of us. But I think that if we share our stories we might realize we have more in common than we may think or at least make us feel less alone in the big ole world. I hope you will share your story too so that we can learn & grow together!

Love, Jenni