National Adoption Awareness Month 2022

Hey all.

I am Jenni – the writer and adoptee here.

And it has been a minute…. or two… it’s been a lot of minutes.

Life got busy and I haven’t kept up on this page as much as I would like or have time for.

I keep a little more up to date on Instagram which is why I am still trying to update this page with my posts from there as well. On Instagram there is a whole big month of people sharing their Adoption experiences in the month of NOVEMBER because it is National Adoption Awareness Month. Specifically for Foster Adoptions but the entire triad has begun sharing more during this month. I have done it in the past and it is an emotionally heavy month to process so many thoughts and feelings and read them as well. So in the spirit of this month I think it’s about time I post the ones I did last year as well as maybe some new ones. We will see how well I do. Eh?


Adoption Facts:

•I was placed for adoption at birth in 1990 through LDS Social Services.
•My adoption was closed.
•I was raised with 1 brother & cool twist he is also my biological brother. We share a birth mom but have separate birth fathers.
•I grew up always wanting to find my birth mom but never thought it would happen.
•I had an great upbringing & yet I still struggled a lot internally, BUT I purposely hid it from everyone.
•In 2018 I found & reunited with my birthmom after doing an AncestryDNA kit. She’s lived 2hrs away from me most of my life.
•My brother chose not to reunite.
•I’ve since been navigating this new “reunion” life & it’s way harder than I thought that it would be, but also equally awesome.
•I know who my birth father is & I have spoken to him on the phone once but nothing since.
•I’m still working through it all.. But would I do it all again….there’s no question.

Just me facts:

•I’m insanely in love with the funniest coolest person I know, my high school sweetheart for 15 years now + we’ve been married for 10 of those.
•I’m a mom to 3 delicious kids – 2 girls & a boy. They are my freaking world and then some.
•Our house is loud & irreverent, just the way we like it, our mantra is: “home is where the pants aren’t.”
•I’m addicted with a capital A to Dr. Pepper Zero.
•I’m religious and love Jesus but I cuss a little too. Ok a lot, I cuss a lot a bit.
•I’ve bungee jumped over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
•I hate drama but can’t get enough of it on TV, like gimme ALL the reality shows.
•I’ve lived in Utah my whole life.
•I’m obsessed with traveling.
•You cannot convince me that there is a better combo than; partially cooked cookie dough + vanilla ice cream.
•My celebrity crush is Rip from Yellowstone.
•I don’t like trying new foods and eat like a kid I have my go-to’s and I don’t deviate.

Now enough about me… if your here following my story – Thank you it means a lot and if you’re willing too, please share in the comments something about yourself or your adoption or why your following my story.

Love, Jenni

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